Tebaatusasula Ebola

Tebaatusasula was a 2010 Wakaliwood action film.

Tebaatusasula Ebola
Photo by Yusuf Yassir / Unsplash

Tebaatusasula (Those Who Were Screwed Over) was a 2010 Wakaliwood action film, produced and directed by Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana (AKA Nabwana I.G.G.). The film was set to be a follow-up to Wakaliwood's previous film, Who Killed Captain Alex, and was set to feature an "elite team of Ugandan Commandos who are forced into a life of crime to save their ailing families".

Unfortunately, the film was lost due to a power surge that destroyed Wakaliwood's only hard drive, on which the film's footage was stored. This is a common occurrence in Wakaliga, a suburb just outside of Kampala, Uganda, where Wakaliwood is based, due to the frequent power surges and harsh working conditions.

Despite the loss of Tebaatusasula, Wakaliwood has since been working on a sequel/reboot of the film called Tebaatusasula: EBOLA, which is set to feature the infamous scene from the original trailer in which a car appears to be bleeding from a gunshot. The new film is set to emphasize this scene and is expected to include all of the elements promised in the original trailer.

It is unknown if the original Tebaatusasula film will ever resurface, as there were no backups of the footage. However, fans of Wakaliwood can look forward to the upcoming release of Tebaatusasula: EBOLA.